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Brick Work

Finished brickwork after repointing by Superpoint
what we do

Repointing is the process of renewing mortar joints in masonry. They can need renewing for various reasons, including:

1. Weathering causing the pointing to fail over the natural life of the mortar. This can often be only on exposed elevations of the building.

2. Incorrect mortar mix used during the initial construction process causing the mortar to prematurely age as seen in the slideshow to the left.

3. Poor repointing where either too strong or too weak a mix has been used.

Brick Repointing

The typical process of repointing is as follows:

1. Rake out the mortar joints to a consistent depth using an angle grinder, diamond disc and dust extractor. Using a dust extractor is absolutely essential as the raking process produces a lot of fine dust that if not controlled can spread though the air and make quite a mess and if windy can spread to neighbouring properties. Some repointing companies still don’t use dust extraction as they say it slows them down but we don’t cut corners. On some older properties and listed buildings with lime mortar other softer methods of mortar removal such as the use of an Arbortech may be appropriate.
2. Cleaning down of the masonry using a hose or pressure washer may be necessary.

Repointing, Ashington, Sussex
Some brick and stonework in the SouthDowns National Park

3. Reinstating the mortar joints with a suitable mortar and finish. Mortar mixes vary in strength, colour and materials used. It is very important that the mortar is not too strong as the joints should always be weaker than the brick or stone, otherwise during the freeze and thaw cycle they will be damaged in a process called spalling where the masonry weathers away and the mortar joints are left intact. This can lead to very costly repairs where large sections of buildings have to be rebuilt or rendered over to make good the spalling. At the other end of the spectrum mortar joints that are too weak will weather prematurely and fail then need to be repointed again. In either case it leaves the homeowner out of pocket. For your peace of mind unless otherwise stated during quoting our repointing comes with a 5 year guarantee.

Professional Finish

4. Joints can be finished in a number of ways – half round also known as bucket handle is the most common and also the cheapest as it’s a fast and simple method. Then there is weather struck which gives a clean, flat finish. This costs more as it takes longer but can be worthwhile for the pleasing aesthetic and on some listed buildings it will be a prerequisite of the works. Less common finishes are birds beak, birds mouth, flush, raked and brushed.

Weather struck and cut repointing


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Areas Covered

Superpoint owner Sam Yandall has been in the business for over 20 years and as a qualified bricklayer before setting up his own company South Downs Brickwork. Sam wanted to focus the business on re-pointing so rebranded as Super Point in 2016 and has gone from strength to strength ever since. He is now working as far afield as Horsham, Haywards Heath, and Brighton where customers are happy to pay towards his travel costs. If you are in the local area of Chichester, Bognor Regis, Littlehampton, Arundel and Worthing there is no surcharge. He is happy to travel to where the work is and takes a lot of pride in job satisfaction. Note the Free phone number 0800 689 4698 is likely to be charged if you are phoning from a mobile phone but feel free to use the form and Sam will contact you as soon as time allows.

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